Nigeria's geography consists more of land than sea, but this doesn't make the country any less blessed with an abundance of magnificent sea shores. Around its coastal states, lie breathtaking stretches of beautiful beaches at the banks of its unique waterways. With an abundance of need for the beautiful scenery and atmosphere of the sea breeze and beach sand, we will tailor your needs and direct you to the most alluring Nigerian beaches.


Elegushi Beach

Located in the Ikate area of Lekki, elegushi beach provides an exquisite environment for culture and lots of partying, making it possibly the most popular beach on the island city of Lagos. While the beach has so much to offer,  there's more to be required from you in order to fully enjoy the benefits of this exclusive destination. You definitely will need deep wallet if you want to have the perfect time.


Patigi Beach

 This beautiful beach is located along the river Niger, in patigi, kwara state and is a popular tourist destination where the annual patigi regetta festival and a host of fishing related activities take place.

Although not the typical sand beach , the Patigi beach does not fall short of beauty, as it is adorned with magnificent terrain and landscape. This is the destination for you if you're a fishing enthusiast, because of the numerous species of fish found in the river.


Ndibe Sand Beach

This beach adorns parts of the cross river basin with an astonishing stretch of golden sand. It lies in Ndibe in Afikpo North LGA of Ebonyi state, and has become the ideal destination for swimming, yatching, canoe-racing, sunbathing and relaxation. It's beautiful scenery ensures that there's never a shortage of activity especially on weekends and public holidays, as enthusiasts and fun seekers are always gathered for social activities. The flurry of activities on the beach guarantees it as one of the best getaway destinations in the country.


Ibeno Beach

Think about a mind-blowing stretch of dazzling sandbank as far as the eye can see, cool right?, This is the beauty Ibeno beach provides. It stretches over 45km and traverses many coastal communities, making it the longest beach in West Africa. 

Located in Ibeno, Akwa Ibom state, this beach which lies along the Atlantic ocean offers an ecstatic atmosphere of comfort, warmth, and soothing sea breeze. It is a preferred location for fun seekers, as it offers exhilarating activities such as water sports, beach ball, natural swimming, and sunbathing. The locals are welcoming, receptive and ascertains tourists of their safety and entertainment.


Ibeno Beach

Finima beach is situated in Bonny island at the southern edge of Rivers state, and is adorned by beautiful landscape and funpacked activities, making it the most visited beach in the state. The island is home to various oil companies whose employees take advantage of the serenity and atmosphere of the beach as a getaway from work. The beach is usually crowded on sunny days and festive periods, but this doesn't limit  the beautiful atmosphere of the beach environment.


Calabar Beach

Located at the mouth of the 2 miles long new Calabar river , the calabar beach is the perfect location for your next tropical vacation. The beach is a planned tourist spot and is part of the unpolluted 700km white sand Nigerian coast line. The beach speaks privacy to the soul, taking you away from the hue and noise of the city. Amidst a tropical climate and local fishermen, the blue sea waters and the view of the coral reef makes it one of the best beach vacation spots to visit.